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Photographs courtesy Derek Ripper

“Gibbs is a nimble picker, Skerman a fluffy tickler”

“The knee-high compost provides support for feverish hustle and bustle in the higher regions, with melancholic lyricism flowing from Anstey & Kirkbride’s fingers”

“Gibbs pouring mercury into 'stream', Langford blows windlessly in the willows”

“the tender tenor singing in its dark river bed remains dominant.”

Rigobert Dittman review

“Listening to the long circling improv of Stream, it is possible to glimpse five musicians taking on a collective act of spontaneous performance.  It is a high order encounter.”

Mr Gibbs is probably the musician who has ‘travelled’ the longest distance in the last twenty years…. he has reached an ‘inner’ virtuosity, labelling him is superfluous. 

“Chaser a beautiful duet between Hugh Kirkbride and Paul Anstey.  The two double bass in stereo separation….. totally tuned to a dual muse…a delightfully positive encounter”

“Hear Deep End; to follow Langford’s lines dropping into the abyss through that long black stick is to touch the bottom of the ocean.  The full depth”

Sandy Brown Jazz review

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Paul Anstey: double bass
Hugh Kirkbride: double bass
Phil Gibbs: electric guitar
Mark Langford: tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
Roger Skerman: drums

Released Dec 2016