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May 2018

4th May - Cube - Mantana Roberts + Kelly Jayne Jones   more info

6th May - Exchange (Matinée) - Konik + Yvonna Magda

11th May - Mother's Ruin - F Shakespeare, K Kilymis, BeDraggle, Sound Canvas   more info

13th May - Exchange (Matinée) - 1.30 - 3.00pm - Ollie Moore, Dan Catsis, Hugh Kirkbride, Aidan Searle

18th May - Cafe Kino - Viridian, Konik, Matt Davis / Matthew Grigg   more info

20th May - Exchange (Matinée) - 1.30 - 3.00pm - FLIP CITY - Tim Hill, Mike Hurley, Paul Anstey, Wayne Rex

26th May - The Brunswick Club - Modern Ritual   more info

27th May - Exchange (Matinée) - 1.30 - 3.00pm  - RUNNING DOGS - Phil Gibbs, Paul Anstey, Roger Telford

31st May - Exchange cafe 8pm -  Unity Trio (Mark Langford, Paul Anstey, Roger Skerman); Matthew Grigg / SALTINGS duo;

           Dominic Lash / Yvonna Magda duo  more info

June 2018

3rd June  CANCELLED - Exchange (Matinée) ALT TRIO 2-4 pm Mark Langford, Paul Anstey, Roger Telford

7th June - The Brunswick Club - Cucina Povera, Agathe Max, Viridian more info

10th June  Exchange (Matinée) UNITY 4 2-4pm Yvonna Madga, Mark Langford, Dominic Lash, Roger Skerman

17th June  Exchange (Matinée) DARK KITCHEN 2-4pm Aaron Hawkins, Thomas Bryan, Hugh Kirkbride, Bob Helson

23rd June - Cafe Kino - Vostok 5, Halftone, Yungylek, more info

24th June  Exchange (Matinée)  LIGHT CORPORATION 2-4pm Jake McMurchie, Mariusz Sobanski, Hugh Kirkbride, Tony Orrell

29th June - Cafe Kino - Minus Pilots, SALTINGS, Stereocilia, ANH more info

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Xposed Club

Listings below taken from monthly email “Free Sound - Bristol UK”

Creative Musics including  Free Improvisation,  Free Jazz,  Free Noise

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